Benefit Gimme Brow Review


This product could not have come at a more productive time.  I was running out of my Anastasia Brow Gel and not looking forward to dropping the big bucks on another tube.  As the tube became more and more empty and I became less and less enamored with my eyebrows and their lack of Lily Collins voluptuousness, I came to a brow cross roads.  It didn’t seem smart to drop a lot of money on a product that was only shellacking my brows to my forehead.  So, you can imagine how happy I was when while at Ulta, my Mom offered to buy me a tube of Benefits Gimme Brow.

Benefit calls this a “Brush-on fiber gel” and claims that it “…adheres to skin & hairs for fuller-looking brows”.  The function of the product seems to be two fold: a gel to adhere and a fiber infused thickening agent that will make your brows look fuller.

The shade I got is light/medium.  I have medium brown brown hair and fair skin so I find that a nice taupe or light brown shade works best.  There is one other shade for ladies with darker hair, the medium/deep.  I do find that the shade is very versatile and buildable.  So, if I want more dramatic brows, I can use a heavier hand when applying this product and the shade will build to my desired saturation.  On days where I am wanting a natural, no makeup makeup look, I can use this gel alone on my brows with no other products to tame them and make them look thicker.  When I use it this way, it looks like I took the time to thicken touch them up with a powder but I really just had to brush on the Gimme Brow.  On the days when I wear full makeup, I love to apply my brow powder as usual then use this to set my brows.  This makes my brows look even more naturally full and keeps them from flying around like a sea anemone.  There is a little cheat sheet that comes with the product that states to brush your hairs up and then mold them into the desired shape.  I’ve never tried to apply the product a different way because well, why mess with a system that works, right?  The formula does seems to be water resistant, like Benefit claims as I’ve never had a melt-down…..even in the Arizona summer heat.

Even though the Benefit Gimme Brow is the same price as the Anastasia Brow Gel ($22 USD), you are getting less product.  You will get 0.28 oz of Anastasia Brow Gel and just 0.1 oz of the Benefit Gimme Brow,  With the price point and amount of product in mind, I would say that if you aren’t concerned with having fuller-looking brows, the Anastasia Brow Gel will be the better deal for you.  However, since I was looking for more glamorous and fuller brows, I will give the win to the Benefit Gimme Brow.  Not only does it function as a gel to keep brows in place, but it really does add a natural and buildable thickness.  The Paint, Wash, Repeat grade is an B+ with the only con being the price point to product ratio.



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